Invoicing and CRM software for SMEs

Work more efficiently and save time!

We know that running a business is not easy and requires management skills.
So we designed In-Mobility with you in mind.
We are proud to offer you a software that is easy to use and available wherever you are.

What is In-Mobility and who is it for?

In-Mobility is a Cloud CRM and billing software for SMEs that will allow you to manage and optimize your business.
Our software is very complete and designed to be easy to use.

It is ideal for freelancers and small to medium-sized business owners.
In-Mobility allows you to create professional invoices in a few moments.

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What can In-Mobility do for you?

Work more efficiently


SAAS CRM software

With our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you can manage record of your contact and account information, capture activities from one place. You can easily access all past interactions they’re associated with, and more.
Optimize your customer relationship management!

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Control your billing

Quickly create your invoices on the go from your computer or mobile phone, on a user-friendly platform, without having to manually enter details each time for regular customers.
Turn Quotes into Invoices with minimal effort.
Manage easily your invoicing process: Quotes, orders, invoices, credit memo, etc..
Automate your recurring invoices in a few clicks.

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Work as a team

In-Mobility is the CRM solution that effectively allows your entire team to collaborate using a single, shared platform.
This makes it possible to better manage the commercial activity by making it easier to share customer data, contacts, prospects, calendars etc...!
Thanks to the centralization of data, business management is easier and commercial actions are faster.

Track Time

Time tracking

Your time is precious. Never waste a minute on complicated time tracking tools.
Easily charge for spent time on tasks, appointments and phone calls.


Role management

Allocate permission to the right people, you can customise access according to the needs per employee and responsibilities.
With the Gold account, you can manage your data access with high degree of precision. (Gold version only).



Improve productivity and efficiency of your sales team thanks to a complete range of reports available in the dashboard. Monitor and analyse real-time sales of your products through accurate reports.

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Activity & Agenda

Access to all the history and actions that have been performed with the account. This minimizes the waste of time since any authorized person can see the status of an account.
Connect your iCloud account and get alerts on Mac and iOS (Premium and Gold accounts)


Access your data on the move

Your data goes with you wherever you go. Find what you need quickly, safely and accurately on all devices.
In-Mobility is available on Mac, iOS, Android and on the web!


Security and integrity

Military grade encryption. Data exchanged between you and In-Mobility is guaranteed secure thanks to a 256bit encrypted key and Backups are replicated in at least 3 different data centers.

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Iphones statistics

Your business everywhere!

In-Mobility CRM has a responsive interface. Computer, tablet, PC, smartphone… you can access your data anytime, anywhere.
To go further, In-Mobility CRM is available as an application for Mac, iOS and Android, with a disconnected mode: even without a network, the application is always at your side.

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Mobility and responsiveness

By selecting In-Mobility, you enable your staff to work more independently with a higher level of responsiveness.
They are free to take decisions at any time and can organize their schedules. They can work wherever they are.
This will have a positive impact on your customer satisfaction levels. In effect, the productivity gains achieved will enable you to improve the overall quality of your service and reduce your turnaround times.

Mobility and responsiveness
Our awesome features

Our features will help to improve business

  • Create invoices quickly, and stay on top of your business
  • Easily shared integrated communications history
  • Only one best source of information
  • Increase in the time salespeople spend with existing customers, per day
  • Reduction in ‘closing’ time coming from more ideal prospects
  • Increase in the timeliness of follow-up correspondence to customers/prospects
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Software biling

Create stunning, effective sales documents with our 60+ available templates.


Software CRM

Easy viewing of the history of sales, service, and communications to expedite successful and valuable conversations.
Business management has never been so easy!

Get up and running in no time

No matter your company size, our team is there to get you up to speed and help you out when necessary..


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  • Customers, contacts, Leads
  • Agenda and Appointments
  • Opportunities manager
  • Tasks/Incidents
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes/Orders
  • Invoices/Credit Memo
  • Accounting access

  • Limited to 100 entries#

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Per month

  • Customer
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Credit Memo
  • Document layout

  • Accounting access
  • Unlimited support by email
  • Limited to 25,000 entries#

Per month

  • Customer, contacts and Lead manager
  • Agenda and Appointments
  • Opportunities manager
  • Tasks/Incidents
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes/Orders
  • Invoices/Credit Memo
  • Request for tenders
  • Supplier purchases
  • Document layout
  • Subscriptions
  • Payment Management
  • Stock Management

  • Multi-company management
  • Role management
    Sales forecasting

  • 2 GB documents Storage
  • Accounting access
  • Unlimited support by email
  • Unlimited entries
(prices in US Dollars)
# A entry corresponds to a card, such as a customer, a contact, an invoice etc..
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