Data protection

Everything you need to know to navigate safely

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This document is an overview of In-Mobility's technical measures concerning security.

Data protection

Communications :

In-Mobility encrypts your confidential data using the best methods in the industry and in compliance with the main security standards (256-bit SSL certificates) so that all data transmitted between your computer/phone or tablet and our servers is always encrypted.

Data storage security:

We use the service provider OVH which has excellent physical and infrastructure security, compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27701. OVH has restricted access data centers and are equipped with video surveillance and motion detection systems. All services are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and alerts are automatically handled by security teams.
Your data is backed up and replicated to 3 different storage instances each day, located in geographically remote data centers. This ensures that no hardware failure will result in the complete erasure of your data.

Application security and password:

In-Mobility does not store passwords as unencrypted text but uses a hash function that guarantees the secure encryption of your password. Nevertheless, you should follow the right principles when it comes to passwords with In-Mobility.
Make sure you and your staff have a strong password and do not share it with anyone. We encourage you to choose a strong password consisting of letters and numbers. Be extremely wary of e-mails containing links that ask for credentials at the destination. In-Mobility will never ask you for your password.

Security updates:

We actively monitor all security alerts and apply security updates on a regular basis to our various systems. One of the advantages of In-Mobility is that it keeps a local copy of your data. So it’s best to secure the local storage on each of your devices. If you have a passcode on your iOS and Mac device, then the storage content is encrypted.

In-Mobility guarantees:

👉Integrity: All necessary and mandatory data for issuing any purchase and sale document is stored. In-Mobility keeps all the activity on your account (Creation/Modification/Deletion).

👉Preservation: All data entered in In-Mobility are permanently hosted and are never deleted.

👉 Accessibility: Each user accesses authorized information, each access is controlled and monitored.

👉Readability:All data entered in In-Mobility are perfectly readable and understandable by everyone.

👉Traceability: Each document saved by a user is saved with the exact date and time of entry.

👉Inalterability: In-Mobility guarantees that invoices that have already been issued and recorded cannot be manipulated or modified later without indicating the user who modified these records.

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