• General

  • Can I create multiple free In-Mobility accounts for my business?

    The free account is designed to allow you to test the In-Mobility app, and therefore multiple free accounts for a single business are not allowed.
    To allow multiple users to access a single database, you must create a Premium or Gold account.

  • I have registered with your site but didn’t receive any confirmation emails, what could be the problem?

    You may have typed your email address incorrectly. Try to login to your account again and check that your email address is not mistyped. If this is the case, the application will let you know that this account already exists. If not, please register again.
    The other possible reason may be that your mail service provider blocks our mails. In this case you need to check your junk mail. To make easier our future correspondence, flag In-Mobility as trusted source.

  • If I want to unsubscribe, what happens with my data?

    We will keep your data for 4 weeks in case you want to reactivate your account, then we will erase your account and data from our servers.

  • What happens when I reach 200 entries?

    Your account remains active, you just won’t be able to add documents. But previous added documents are still available.
    To remove this restriction, subscribe to Starter, Premium or Gold.

  • My data is important, who can get access to it?

    Data you transmit to us across the app is very important for you. Every data transmitted through us is encrypted in a way that only you can read it. Our servers are located in Europe.

  • Why are some fields marked in red?

    Fields marked in red are mandatory, fields marked in blue are recommended.

  • Some of my customers are not submitted to tax. How can I change that?

    Simply uncheck "client with VAT" when creating a new customer in the customer’s details.

  • How can I change my password?

    To change your password, simply go into your user’s details in setting/user. Select the user and click on "Redefining password". Then, follow the information that is displayed on the screen.

  • What is the information displayed in the dashboard’s chart?

    The curve graph represents the valid documents. The pie chart represents the percentage of Product Categories.
    The information in the dashboard is related to a variable. That's the start date of the billing period located in the app settings.
    To change the date displayed on your dashboard , you must go to Parameters/Settings and click on Company.
    After opening the padlock , you will find “ Billing start date " where you can enter the date. For example, to display data from 2015, type 01.01.2015 in “ Billing start date " and 12/31/2015 in “ Billing stop date “ .
    Close the padlock, go to your dashboard, the app will update graph’s data and will display info from January to December 2015.

  • How can I delete an entry?

    To delete a contact card for example, go to the contact menu and select the contact you want to delete. Click the minus sign (-) in the upper right corner. The program will then ask you confirmation. The approach is the same for all documents (invoices, quotes, reviews, etc...)

  • How can I add a Forecast?

    This feature is only available on Gold version. To set a Forecast, got to Settings/Users and select the user account. In the user detail, select the Forecast tab, open the padlock, enter a Posting date and an amount and click Add. Close the padlock to save. The Forecast will appear on the Sales by month chart on the dashboard.

  • How can I add past Sales without invoices creation?

    This feature is only available on Premium and Gold version. To set a Sales amount, got to Settings/Users and select the user account. In the user detail, select the Add sales revenue tab, open the padlock, enter description, a Posting date and an amount and click Add. Close the padlock to save. The Sales revenue will appear on the Sales by month chart on the dashboard.

  • Accounts

  • How can I update VAT information for a customer?

    To fill a customer VAT information, go to the customer’s details then under the "Other" tab, you will find the field "VAT number".

  • How can I import my contacts on In-Mobility?

    To import contacts, you can do it from an Android device or iOS, in settings/import contacts.
    You can also import them from an Excel file through the web application.
    To do so, go to www.in-mobility/app, click on settings and select Import/Export of data.

  • Documents

  • What is a validated document?

    A validated document is a document that can’t be modified. This document then receives a validated documents specific number.
    We advise you not to change the parameters concerning the numbers of documents, or only under certain specific conditions.

  • Why my documents numbers don’t seem to be in order?

    In-Mobility uses two different counts: one for non-validated documents (temporary numbers) and another for validated documents. A validated document will naturally follow the last validated document.

  • Can I customize my documents?

    In-Mobility allows you to customize the headers and footers of your documents. Other options are available for Premium and Gold like layout and typography .
    Click on settings and select the type of document you want to edit. Open the padlock, and then change the information of your choice. We advise you to keep the %NUMBER and %LINK fields that will use when generating the document to automatically populate the document number and the link to download the PDF. Close the padlock to keep your changes.

  • How can I send a document by email?

    To send a document by email, go to the document’s detail and click on the arrow (upper-right corner, next to the padlock) and choose "send by email". The mail will be generated directly in your default mail client.

  • How do I print a document?

    To print a document, go to the document’s detail and click on the arrow (upper-right, next to the padlock) and choose "view PDF". Your browser will give you the option to print the PDF.

  • Multi-User

  • What is the roles manager

    The Gold version allows the administrator to give rights (deletion, modification, reading and creation) to each user. These rights can be defined for the entire Company, by territory or by user.This option is available in the web app only.

  • How do I add users to my account?

    The use of multiple users under one account allows among other documents and calendar sharing. Contact Support for more information.

  • Preferences

  • I want to change my company’s name, how can I modify it in the app?

    You can change the name of your company by going to Settings/Company.
    Don’t forget to open the padlock before making modifications, and close it to save.

  • How can I change sync options?

    Synchronization happens automatically every 10 minutes. You can change this option in the application settings. The web application will sync with each modification you make.

  • How can I import data into my database?

    You can import and export data in Excel format in settings, and select Import/Export of data. Then, follow the information that is displayed on the screen.

  • How to change the company logo?

    You can display your company logo in In-Mobility’s dashboard and in your documents.
    -In order to change the logo of your company in the dashboard, select Preferences from the menu, then Company. Open the padlock and click on the image icon. Select the file (png, gif or jpeg) of your logo and close the padlock to save your modifications.
    -To change the logo that appears on your documents, go to settings and select the document you want to edit. Open the padlock and click on "Select a file", choose your image (png, gif or jpeg), and then click "Send file". Close the padlock to save your changes.

  • How can I create a new product?

    There is two ways to do it:
    -By going in the products menu, in the billing section.
    -During an invoice creation by clicking on the white add (+) button (black add button is used for comments). At this time you can add an existing product, create and select a product or create a unique product (only for this document).

  • Updates

  • Updates

    We plan to incorporate updates like:
    - Integration of delivery notes
    - Add files (Word, Excel, Pdf, etc...) to documents
    - Mail client integrated directly into In-Mobility
    - Windows version of the application