Manage access to your data

In-Mobility offers a suite of security features to set access rights for your data.
Administrators can manage security features at the enterprise level (Gold version only).
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    Permission selection

    You can define the permissions for the entity to:

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    Permission type

    This allows you to define the type of permission.
    As with the entities, you can select:
    - Organization
    - Territory
    - User

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    Entity name

    This refers to the name of the available entity where you can define permissions (such as accounts)

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    Role name

    Insert the name that will appear for the role here


Role management

You can use roles to create groups of authorizations that describe the tasks that each user has permission to perform (or not, as the case may be).
These rights give the option to create, read, write, and delete records of a specific type of entity. Each right can apply globally, at the level of users, territories, or throughout the organization.